Blogging Makes Business Good

Blogging should be the foundation of any business these days -- internet-based or non-internet-based.  I'll explain why that is.  Here are 11 reasons to support my recommendation:

  1. It's free.  Blogging costs only time.  And yet, (see #2 below)...
  2. The return can be as big as your vision allows for.  Seriously.  And, no, it's NOT dead.
  3. Blogging lets you establish authority and build a relationship with your customers, before ever asking them to buy a single thing.
  4. It allows you to turn casual readers into hot prospects... who can opt-in to become an email lead... and that, my business buddy, means: automation!  (You can send automatic email follow-ups to them.)
  5. Blogging can be incredibly fun.  The hours go by fast when you get into it.  You know what they say about doing what you love, right?  Yeah, well, when you're blogging... you're not "working."  At least, I'm not.
  6. Our team has seen the benefits -- and financial results! -- of blogging dozens of times, across SIX totally different niches.  And every time?  It works!  Basically, what I'm saying is: we've got the evidence to prove any business... big or small... selling teddy bears or t-shirts or sports cars... can crush it with blogging, if they do things right.
  7. Blogging isn't just about writing.  You can have an all-photo blog.  Or an all-video blog.  (A "vlog.")  An audio-only blog.  (A "podcast.")  Or a mix of all the above.  It's up to you... and what you do best... and what best presents the message you'd like your potential clients and consumers to hear.
  8. The process of blogging will open the doors to so many new marketing plays, advertising angles and join venture deals.  Again, been down that road.  We speak only from experience -- not hype or hearsay or theory.
  9. As you rinse and repeat and churn out lots of great content, you know what will happen?  You'll become better at it!  Just like with anything else you practice daily... with blogging... putting in the reps will eventually lead to you perfecting the reps... and that means: BETTER marketing over time.  I like to think of it like this: when I blog, I'm paying myself to become a better businessperson.  You should adopt that same attitude.
  10. Speaking of attitude, I've noticed this as well -- blogging has made me a more optimistic person in the way I approach the obstacles I get hit with on a daily basis in business.  It gives me a creative outlet to problem-solve and find new solutions.
  11. You'll be glad you did.  Take all 10 bullets above, mix them into a blender and drink it up!  'Cause blogging WILL do great things for your business.  Get started.  Don't wait.