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"I work out of my house and I wouldn't trade it for the world..." -- My assistant, Carole


Let's talk about the new wave of business -- doing it VIRTUALLY, from home offices and laptops logged on to wifi worldwide...

Just what are some of the benefits of working from home you might ask.  I’ve produced other articles on the benefits of working from home, but for me, it just gets better and better.  The flexibility of my own schedule is so awesome, especially during the busy holiday season.

For most, the Thanksgiving celebration is now behind us as well as Black Friday.  And today is Cyber Monday… so the hectic shopping and holiday frenzy is officially upon us.  My daughter drug me out on Black Friday a couple of years ago…. now she calls it a tradition that we should do every year.  Ug!  But I really have no good excuse not to go and it gives us (and her) some quality time together away from the grandkids and commotion.  

My husband and I got up around 4:15 a.m., showered and headed to our daughters so we could be ready to leave for shopping by 6:00 a.m. at the latest.  Dropped my husband off to play with the grandkids and off we went.  That’s one of the great benefits of working from home.  I have the flexibility to do these things on any given day and work around my own schedule.  Yes, I will be exhausted by the end of the day but what the heck, I can sleep in the next day.  When I worked eight to five every day, I really had to think about how I would fit everything in.  Or would I want to burn a vacation day just to exhaust myself shopping, fighting the crowds, the traffic and being on my feet all day.  Since I started working from home I am now able to do many of these things that I previously gave a lot of consideration to before making a decision.  

So we went shopping on Black Friday and had a great day and a lot of fun checking out all the great deals.  But now that I work from home and have no set hours, I definitely had to think about all the retail workers who probably worked Thanksgiving evening and then back in there before sunlight to open for Black Friday.  I know, someone’s got to do it but it really gives me real perspective on how wonderful my opportunity is.  

Our son, a success internet business entrepreneur, offered me a position to assist him.  I was a little skeptical at first after working in the legal field for 30 years and enjoying my position, but who could turn down such an opportunity.  Of course, he works from home as well and I had been around him long enough to know the type of schedule he had.  Whenever we visited he was able to spend time with us and work around his job.  I saw that flexibility each visit and he was finally able to convince me to jump ship and assist him.  I could work from home on my own schedule - for real!  I knew I was a good worker so I wasn’t concerned about getting the work done.  The only thing that held me back was the successful career I had in place and I wanted to be sure I could continue that into his business. I couldn’t be happier in my decision to work from home.

The internet has provided businesses and individuals with so much opportunity and the choice of working from home.  With technology advancing every day there will be more and more options to work from home.  For me, I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work from home and couldn’t be more thankful.  I guess you can tell from my attitude that life is good, my work ethics remain strong and my attitude is extremely positive.  Having the flexibility to enjoy life and be able to fit in those extra activities is rewarding.  This keeps me focused on working hard, doing my best to maintain a successful business and being a good employee.  


This article is to discuss the benefits of working from home.  This is a little off track, but yet it ultimately centers around the flexibility from working from home.  Of course, this is about my lifestyle and the opportunities I have with working from home with no set schedule.  Not everyone may see this as a benefit if you’re not into exercising and staying healthy, but working from home allows me the freedom to stay healthy and studies show we are better workers with better attitudes when we feel good about ourselves.

I live in Iowa and it is almost December.  So with that being said, here comes the cold, the snow, the ice and the wind.  We had a great fall, very mild and colorful. I had traveled to Arizona for a business trip the first part of November and when I returned to Iowa it was about ten degrees with snow on the ground.  Dang, why couldn’t I stay in Arizona until spring!  Running in 75 degrees with no wind and sun every day - perfect!  But fortunately, the snow melted and the temperature warmed back up somewhat.  However, winter is approaching and those dreaded days will soon be here to stay throughout the winter months.  With the cold and the shorter days, it has always been a challenge for me to continue my running during the week when I worked eight to five every day and then some.  So I definitely had to schedule weekend runs for sure.

Earlier this year I was offered a position to work from home.  Wow… has my lifestyle changed!  Okay, winter, bring it on!  I can now run anytime of the day - not at the crack of dawn or when it’s dark.  I can head out whenever I want - after the temperature has warmed up for the day and the sun is out!  We had light snow overnight which melted mid-morning and another storm is headed our direction in a few hours.  Oh the benefits of working from home - I headed out after the roads had a chance to thaw and before the next snow starts.  All keeping me focused on trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

And maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising also creates a benefit for my employer.... whose mission it is to show the world how easy and inexpensive it is to get started blogging.  Here's a video he recently published about Bluehost coupon codes, to illustrate my point:


I’m a much happier and more productive employee when I can continue to feel good about myself.  Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis makes a happier and more positive employee.  Yup, my attitude is great knowing I feel good about myself and I want to do whatever I can to be a good employee to help the business continue to be successful.  Being able to work from home has provided me this opportunity.  The older I get, the harder it becomes to fit all these activities in after working a full day.  But being able to work on my own schedule allows me the freedom and flexibility to maintain my exercise schedule.  

For some, exercising may not be on the top of your list, or even on your list, as one of the benefits of working from home.  But whatever it is, working from home allows you the freedom to work around your own schedule.  Whether it is to attend your kids’ school activities or meet family or friends for coffee, it definitely gives you those options.  I cannot be more pleased with my decision to work from home.  And I feel so fortunate to be given such an opportunity.  It just seems to fit - the happier you are the more productive and focused you will be with your career and your lifestyle.


Working from home has a number of benefits.  Working from home can help create a better balance for the busy family and work life.  Families are becoming busier and time poor and commutes to and from work are becoming longer.  Eliminating those hours spent commuting to the office each day adds up to extra time available for other family tasks and activities.  

With the ongoing advancement of technology, more and more people are looking for home-based business opportunities.  No rent or office space is needed as you can set up a business in an extra bedroom or basement area of your home.  I’m very fortunate to have been given an opportunity to work from home for a successful self-employed internet business entrepreneur.  Let alone the time involved in getting ready for work, gas expenses and traveling to the office, I’m also saving the expense for appropriate office attire.  That can add up substantially for some in certain office positions and the savings can be applied to other needs.  

Operating a home based business has a number of advantages for those individuals who are dedicated and motivated to achieve results.  It can often be hard work and requires a commitment to succeed but the benefits of owning a successful business and working from home will eventually pay off.  For many, it’s being your own boss and making your own decisions.  You make the decision to steer your business in the right direction.  Watching your business grow and succeed is rewarding knowing you are responsible for its success.  And you determine who you want to work with.  At the office, you have no choice when it comes to working next to the co-worker with a negative attitude.  But the main advantage is the improved work and life balance.  Taking on your own business can be a risky proposition but with risks comes rewards.  

A business owner can be filled with new challenges that will be rewarding financially.  As Dave Ramsey always quotes, “Work like nobody else so you can work like no body else.”  Establishing your own business may be filled with challenges and some long days, but working hard getting a business established will pay off later in life.  For many business entrepreneurs, they are self-motivated and energetic because they love what they are doing.  They have the drive to succeed and they feel good about themselves.  Most people who enjoy what they are doing lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.  My employer quit a professional career to work from home and has become successful in his new career.  Yes, he works hard, but he also enjoys the freedom and flexibility of his work life.

In addition, there are a number of businesses that offer home based positions, which also involve more than just sitting in front of the computer all day or making phone calls.  They also offer flexible hours and work schedules.

The flexibility of working from home speaks for itself.  You have the flexibility to control your hours.  You don’t necessarily have to work nine to five every day, or Monday through Friday, or have a set lunch break.  Perhaps you prefer to work early morning hours or later in the evenings when the family activities are subsiding.  You have the ability to work what suits your schedule.  From my experience, it has given me the freedom to fit everything in my busy lifestyle.  Freeing up the time spent commuting and getting ready for work provides me additional time every day for other tasks and activities.  I’m loving working from home.  And I am so very thankful every day that I have been given this opportunity and my employer believes in me.  It is self-motivating for me and I will continue to do my best for the success of the business.